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What makes Family K9 Training the best dog training service you can get?

A nurse of 16 years, I bring my bedside manner into my dog training services. I understand that it’s just as important to educate my human clients, as it is to educate my furry clients.

The goal is for you to take your dog home feeling energized, empowered and happy with all of his/her new skills and have them transfer over to every member of your family! When you join the Family K9 Training squad you’re invited to our client only Facebook group where I offer you ongoing support on your new journey. You will have questions, that’s expected.

My mission is to show people that they can have the dog of their dreams.

Separation anxiety, excessive barking, reactivity, leash pulling, jumping up and counter surfing are just some of the many problems I work with every day. I have enough tools, tricks, and techniques to modify any behavior in any dog, even if other trainers have failed in the past. Let me help your dog become a joy to be around once again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could literally live with a professional dog trainer and have excellent care and training?
Click HERE to learn more about our dog training programs. I can’t wait to help you and your dog!

Denise Vegas.

I believe in using a balanced training approach to help dogs overcome their issues. I use a combination of training methods geared towards your dog and their specific needs. In plain English, I use positive wherever I can, and negative wherever I have to. This approach is clear when communicated properly to your dog. Good job… bad job… Simple!