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The walk nice only uses a prong training collar for dogs 16 weeks or older.
Expect your dog to live a training lifestyle from now on. Your dog will train several evenly spaced out hours throughout the day with rest time in their kennel or on “place”.
Watch all of our intro videos, training philosophy and study our Facebook Page to get to know how your dog’s experience will be in my program. It is important you get to know our family to decide if we’re a right fit for you.
I give you a plan at your go home session so you always have something to refer back to. While your dog is boarding, indulge in all of the content and follow your dog’s progress on our social media platforms. Locate us on Instagram or Twitter
Your dog, flat buckle collar, leash and food for the time of the training.
During your training I will address potty training. Some puppies or dogs learn quicker than others depending on age and experience. Potty training is a lifestyle not a command and it may take some time beyond a few weeks. I list commands taught on the Services & Rates page.